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Dear Tourist! Iaorana i maeva!!!!

Welcome in Moorea, the second most visited island of French Polynesia 200 islands!!! Our great city mayor have decided to forbidden kiteboarding on Moorea Best kiting beach !


In a country where economy is supposed to be based on Tourism, you are not welcome anymore in Moorea if you are a kiteboarder!

For your information we do not provide anymore kite lessons and rentals for the last 6 months for personnal and proffesional  reasons.
1 : We have been assault by the owner of Lakana Kiteschool when he was drunk with his kiteschool boat. nearly cut in 2 pieces by the engine.... The great Police of our island decided it wasn't very important.... 
2 : El nino effect was a pain in the ass since the beginning of the year. It's not supposed to change in the next months.
3 : Now it's a political decision because of some stupid kiteboarders who fight with others on the beach, every one is punished...

You'll find a list of other spots HERE

if you are looking for a kiteschool please contact for Moorea and for bora Bora... Have fun whatever !!!


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I was born in France but I’ve been living in Moorea for 17 years and been one of the first kiteboarders there. My passion for this amazing sport is still growing every time i go in the water and it’s been like this since 2000!!!


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