KiteSurf Spots In Tahiti

Tahiti is the capital and bigger island of French Polynesia. But Tahiti offers a very limited access to waterfront as most of the coastal lands are private.

For ESE to E winds, the best place to kite is Hitimahana, in front of Motu Martin, in the city of Mahina. You need to take the road just near the College of Mahina and cross a social residence to get to the spot. This black sand beach offer a good variety of beach breaks, reef waves and flat water. the wind is usually more consistent. You can go upwind to catch more waves during the winter. try not to go downwind or you may have to walk back!!! The kite scene here can be crowded and the level of the riders is heterogen.
The north shore offers other place to get tot the lagoon but no public access and really safe launching spots.

You may find another spot near Taravao in Phaeton Bay. This bay offer some great flt water conditions although if the wind can be a little bit gusty.  The place is supposed to work with SE to E winds. But local microclimate of rain (more hant 10 feets a year) can change the forecast very quickly.

During winter times, you may want to ride the lagoon in Maraa if front of the tourist caves of the same name or try to get barrelled in some waves on the reef. This place works perfect  with SE to ESE winds. Watch out cause these left waves are quick and the reef in front is shallow so don’t go there if you are not 200% sure of your riding skills. The current can be very strong when the swell picks up.

The lagoon of Punaauia works with SE and NE winds and offer a nice playground for freestyles. Acss is easy from a couple of public access to the beach. Avoid riding there during week end.

There are so much spots along the coast that have never been ridden here but really take care of the power of waves and current on the reef, and please respect the private access to the water.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need infos or if you wanna ride in our favorite places.