Does twerking while doing kitesurf

Today we bring a girl doing kitesurfing while doing a twerking on a board on a beach with very little clothes, as we already know the surf always fashioned horn at first she started practicing in the United States on her beaches in california, but what about this girl is amazing with a body of very sexual and with a beach outfit, She told her friends if she could do a twerking on the board while doing kitesurfing, Her friends laughed so it was very difficult to do and then she angry because her friends did not think she was capable, but she told him that the next day they went to the beach where they always gave, the day came and the girl went to the beach she changed and put on a very sexy clothes to make the twerking, your colleagues arrive and they say to you with a voice to laugh at you in a very funny way, good you will do what you said or you do not dare, and I answer it clearly, I’ll do it and in front of all of you but the best thing is that I I am very good haci endo twerk, Take the board goes to the water and goes inside with the board to do kitesurfing and take some waves to warm up.

She is already ready to start the dance and leave her friends with her mouth open so she sits on a wave to be able to surf well, she is a little nervous and very difficult to do both at the same time but she takes and puts to meditate a few seconds till she feels safe to do it, She sees that a very good wave is coming to do it, She knows it’s her last chance to show that she’s going to get it, In the end she got it and left all her friends with the mouth open.

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